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Youtube – Over daily limit: How to fix a very common and very annoying error.

If you make heavy use of a Youtube add-on then you’ve doubtless seen this common and incredibly frustrating error: Over daily limit/daily limit exceeded. If you’ve ever wondered why this happens it’s actually pretty simple. The Youtube add-ons all use the same API key for every user. Too many calls from the same API key causes Youtube to begin shutting down the requests.

There is thankfully a workaround to this issue, and it’s by using your own API key instead of the standard one that everyone else is using.

  • Uninstall your Youtube add-on. Strictly speaking this may not be required but we’re going to do so just cover all our bases.
  • Reinstall your add-on again, but don’t sign in.
  • Shut down Kodi
  • Open a browser and go to: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/
  • Navigate to Credentials > New Credentials > API key and select Browser Key, make sure to give it a name then hit Create in order to generate your key.
  • Go back to credentials
  • Go Credentials > New Credentials > OAuth Client ID, and select Other. Again give it a name and select Create


You now have your two sets of credentials. We now need to locate a specific file named login_client.py. It’s location could vary depending on the OS your kodi is running on. Once you’ve located and opened the file you want to find the sections that state the version number of your Kodi install. It should look something like this:

‘youtube-for-kodi-15’: {
‘system’: ‘Isengard’,
‘key’: ‘agjdfkgjdfkgdkgjdfkgjfkgfdjgkfdjgkd’,
‘id’: dfdlgkdfglfdkhjbmbvbm,bffmh.apps.googleusercontent.com’,
‘secret’: ‘_dfkgjdgkjfkffkhjdfkhjdfhkfkfk’

Set the Key to the Browser API that we created first.
Set the ID to the OAuth Client ID which is the second key we created.
Set the Secret to the Client Secret shown in OAuth Client ID

Once all the changes have been made save and close the file.

Now launch Kodi, launch your Youtube add-on and sign in. You’ll prompted to visit youtube.com/activate. Enter the code that Kodi provides you. Click Next and then Allow. Do the same with the second code.
Your Youtube add-on should now be using your own unique API key. No more sharing and no more limit related error messages!


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