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First things first, what on Earth is a VPN?

Well, a VPN or Virtual Private Network in simple terms is essentially a security measure to help you (the internet user) hide your actual IP address from other’s and your internet service provider in order to hide/protect pottentially sensative information.


There are three main reasons as to why one would look into getting a VPN service.

Online security is becoming increasingly important in todays world and becasue of this people are taking precausions in order to protect themselves against hackers online. One of the most vunerable times as an internet user is when you’re connected to a public wifi, for example sat in a coffee shop. At this point you and the rest of the people in the same establishment are opperating on the same IP address. So if you’re sat there with your large tripple shot capucino and are doing a spot of online banking using the public wifi, then you’re putting yourself at great risk. Here’s where a VPN would be ideal for you. The use of a VPN will give you an alternative IP address which could potentially be in a completley different country, making it very difficult for a hacker to connect to your computer or phone and potentially take control of your device.

Secondly, VPNs are particularly useful for connecting multiple networks together securely. What this is great for is when business need to connect  and share servers and or other resources. It’s also great to use a VPN if you’re looking to connect multiple home netowrks.

business man hand writing virtual private network concept

business man hand writing virtual private network concept


However, the most fun reason for using is a VPN is simply to hide your internet activity from your internet service provider (ISP). By hiding your actual IP address from your IPS then you’re able to connect to various websites, add-ons, online services which maybe geographically blocked or “geoblocking”. Take the BBC iPlayer for example. If you’re in the USA, then this is a service which is not available to you. However, with the use of a VPN, you can select an IP address located here in the UK which will then allow you to access the service Simply by placing your computer or KODI device on a VPN is the perfect way to hide your internet usage from your ISP. Here in the UK many IPS’s have blocked certain streaming sites making it increasingly difficult to load streams on KODI, again this is where a VPN would work for you.



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