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What Is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Kodi

What is Kodi?  This is a question that I receive on a regular basis from TROYPOINT subscribers since many of my email updates and articles reference this amazing media center software.

Here is a simple definition of what Kodi is in my words.

Kodi is a free media center application, available on many different operating systems, which allows people to consume streaming media.  Now, that one-sentence definition doesn’t do justice for this incredible piece of software and that is the reason for this article that will teach you everything that you need to know about Kodi.

I have been using Kodi (formerly named XBMC) since 2004 when I first used it on my original Xbox.  Back then, it was named XBMC for Xbox Media Center.  Kodi has come a long way since back then due to the thousands of addons, skins, builds, and wizards available for this software.

Kodi is currently available on the following operating systems; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.  What does this mean?  Since most computers come equipped with Windows, Mac, or Linux, it means that we can install Kodi onto our personal computers, or laptops.  Due to Kodi’s support of both Android and iOS, it also means that we can install Kodi onto most mobile devices as well.  Since Kodi supports both Android and iOS, it means that we can easily install Kodi onto our phones and tablets.

Now, there are also many television streaming boxes that use Android as its base operating system.  An example of this is the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.  Both of these devices run a modified version of the Android operating system.  Amazon built the Fire TV operating system off the Android OS which means we can install Kodi onto this device.  You can access my popular tutorials on How to Install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick.  One of the main reasons why the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are so popular is due to the fact that they are powerful and inexpensive devices that can run Kodi Media Center.  Due to the popularity of Roku, I commonly get the question, “How do I install Kodi on Roku?”  Unfortunately, there is no way of installing Kodi onto a Roku device.  Again, your best bet is to use the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  I would suggest the Fire TV due to its better processing power than the stick.

As of this article, there are also hundreds of various Android TV Boxes on the market today and one of their main purposes is to effectively run Kodi Media Center.  As of this article, my favorite Android TV Box is the Nexbox A95X.

One of the coolest features of Kodi is its ability to stream online video from a variety of sources through various addons.

What Is A Kodi Addon?

What Is A Kodi Addon

Kodi Addon

You can think of a Kodi Addon as a small application that extends the functionality of the core software.  There are literally thousands of addons that can be installed within Kodi that will turn this media center software into an online streaming beast.

Kodi provides a list of addons through its official repository but their are thousands more available through different sources on the Internet.

Some of the most popular Kodi addons provide access to free movies, television shows, live tv streams, live sports, and pay per view events.  These addons are designed to search the Internet for free media content and serve the video or audio streams through Kodi.

Kodi addons usually come in a .zip format and can be installed with very little effort by using the addons section under the settings tab within Kodi.

What Is A Kodi Repository?

What Is A Kodi Repository

Kodi Repository

An easy way to think of a Kodi repository is a bucket which contains multiple Kodi addons that are split up into separate categories.  Rather than installing Kodi addons individually, you can install a Kodi repository that contains multiple addons that you can install with the click of a button.

When you receive instructions to install a specific Kodi addon, more than likely, those steps will involve installing a specific repository that will include other addons that you can install in addition to the one that you want.

Kodi repositories are also installed like individual addons, through a .zip file within the Kodi settings panel.

What Is A Kodi Skin?


Kodi Skin

One of the coolest features of Kodi is how awesome it looks and this is due to the amazing skins that are available.  Just like Kodi Addons, there are literally thousands of skins available that you can install for free.

Within the Kodi Addon Repository, you can access the category that displays various skins.  One of the most popular Kodi Skins as of this writing is Aeon Nox.

Some of the most popular skins allows the end-user to modify menus, images, shortcuts, and icons in a quick manner.  This allows for a pretty cool looking Kodi setup that you can tailor to your liking.

Very similar to the situation with the Kodi addons, you can find other Skins that are available on the Internet but not included within the official repository.

What Is A Kodi Build?

What Is A Kodi Build

Kodi Build

A Kodi Build is a great way to get up and running quickly within Kodi.  A Kodi build will install everything in one click such as popular addons, skin, settings, electronic program guide, and more.

By using a Kodi build, you aren’t required to spend hours looking for the most popular Kodi addons, skins, etc.  You can simply install the build and be up and running in minutes as opposed to hours.

A good analogy to use when thinking of a Kodi built is to think of your house.  The frame of your house is Kodi and once your house has been build with everything inside of it, that is a build.

Again, most Kodi builds can be installed with a .zip file through Kodi settings tab.

What Is A Kodi Wizard?

What Is A Kodi Wizard

Kodi Wizard

A Kodi Wizard usually includes a list of multiple builds that you can choose to install with a single click.  A wizard may also include some handy tools that can help with buffering, speed test, installing Android applications, etc.

You will see that everything outlined above such as addons, repositories, and builds are usually all combined into a wizard.

A Kodi wizard is a time-saving tool that can handle many functions.  This is the future of Kodi and new users will love this option.

The Kodi Wizards can also be installed as a .zip file within Kodi settings panel.

What Is A Kodi EPG?

What Is A Kodi EPG

Kodi EPG

A Kodi EPG is an electronic program guide which works with your live tv addons that you have installed on your system.  Very similar to the program guide that comes with your cable or dish service, this function allows you to see what is currently playing and start the stream through this user friendly interface.

There are many different Kodi EPG addons available but keep in mind that they are dependent on the live tv addons which are installed within Kodi.

I have a feeling that Kodi electronic program guides will become more popular as live tv addons are improved and streaming becomes more readily available.



Post in the comments section below what you love most about Kodi.  For those who participate, I will conduct a drawing on Sunday, September 11th at 9:00 P.M. and the winner will win a loaded Fire TV Stick with Kodi and all the best addons currently available.  I will also install the two most popular Kodi Wizards as well.


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