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Watch the Complete Jaws Box Set in HD

Probably one of the world’s most famous trilogy, Jaws was one of the most iconic movies ever made. Then they made sequels, we all know that sequels to films can be pretty lame compared to the original.

But as we all know, all all 4 have become serious classics!

Sometimes we have to blink to thing the original was made back in 1975 but is still a firm favorite with many movie buffs around the world including us here at DreamState.

I think the most iconic thing behind Jaws is that background tune, it’s one of those that will never escape my mind and will always relate to Jaws. We remember when ‘young’ kids who shouldn’t of watched this as it was under their age belt, there was articles in local newspapers reporting that kids were frightened to get into the water….heck I think i was one of those too!


There are many awesome add-on’s where you can view great box sets, but we try and do the research to find YOU the best streams, feeds, and also if we can multiple resolutions. This giving YOU the opportunity to view in HD or SD.

The Jaws Box Set can be viewed in the newly re-vamped Phoenix add-on. You may of read our article about the new improvements that have been made and what awesome new features have been brought to the community recently. Phoenix is fast becoming the household name in the Kodi / XBMC community as one of the best.


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