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Verizon has begun issuing copyright infringement notices to Kodi users.

Reports are filtering in that Verizon FiOS subscribers have begun to receive copyright notification letters to users using streaming movies on peer-to-peer add-ons such as Popcorn Time. This follows Comcast who did the same last week. It is expected that other ISPs will begin to start issuing the same notices.

At the moment these ntoices appear to be limited to the peer-to-peer Add-ons. Users that make use of Add-ons such as Genesis, SALTS, Phoenix etc appear to be safe. Be aware of if you’re preferred add-on used Peer-to-peer or uses the more common Scrape^Stream methodology. If you want to continue to use these add-ons make sure you invest in some form of VPN like IP Vanish.

This six strike system Verizon uses started back in 2013. It began as a warning, though the more you received the more serious they become. If you don’t want to take any chances try sticking with safe Add-ons like Genesis or SALTS.



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