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Used Popcorn time? You may end up paying for it

Popcorn time is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons/webpages to watch content,  When it’s up that is. The site disappears and reappears almost constantly. Popcorn time uses P2P technology to stream their content opposed to the more standard Scrape & Stream that you see from most add-ons, like genesis. The result is normally less buffering while maintaining excellent picture and sound quality. It’s even been argued that they have better sound overall, although I’m not enough of an audiophile to speak to this point.

The big issue however, is that using P2P technology to stream copyrighted content is illegal and easily traceable by your ISP. ISPs have been sending out letters in the past to those it has detected using Popcorn time. However it looks like the Studio behind Adam Sandler’s film The Cobbler is taking  it a step further: An  Oregon Court has granted the studio permission to subpoena the users of IP addresses that have been detected using the site/add-on to stream the film . It’s also highly likely that other studios will be following suite.

“While the named subscriber is often the proper defendant, plaintiff wishes to ensure that investigations are complete and proper and submits that in this matter something beyond the mere identification of a subscriber by an ISP is proper before a defendant is named,” the company explains.


It’s been said before: But if you’re goping to use p2P technology, whteher thats via itotrrent or the Popcorn site/add-on it’s highly suggest you use a VPN like IPVanish. We’ve looked at IPVanish previously here.


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