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US cable prices going up even more

Time Warner Cable now sports plans are set to increase their programming fees fee by $2.25 to $5 per month while broadcast fees will increase by $1 to $3.75. Comcast will also be doing a fee hike with its broadcast fee to $1.75 to $5 while the regional sports fee goes up $2 to $3.Other providers, including phone and satellite are expected to follow suit.

AT&T’s U-Verse will be doing a monthly increase of between $2 and $4, while satellite-TV provider DirecTV, a AT&T owned company, will see an increase to monthly bilsl between $4 and $8. Dish subscribers will also be seeing an increase of $2 to $8 more per month on their TV packages.

These are on the whole small increases but taken yearly it adds up to enough money, at a time when prices are already high and alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, and of course Kodi are becoming the main entertainment outlets in people’s home.

The cuts may drive eben more users to Kodi and the already struggling infrastructure most Add-ons rely on.



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