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Heya Nerds! 🙂

I’m going to start doing an increasing amount of coverage of Twitch related coverage, including upcoming big events, shows to watch and featured Streamers. Remember that you can watch Twitch on your big screen using the Twitch Add-on for Kodi. If you would like more of this content or have suggestions on similar theme please let us know in the comments. Quick note: I’m currently looking to do a post on Featured/Fun to watch Twitch Streamers; so if you are one or know one you think is interesting let me know!

We’re going to start this week off with a League of Legends specific content post. Why? Because starting Thursday, October 1st, it’s the start of…

The League of Legends World Championships!


It’s one of, if not the biggest events in e-sports. The largest and most popular E-sport league for the world’s most popular game By Far™, It’s the World Cup of Nerd. The 2015 World Championship is being held in Western Europe, starting with the Group Stage at the Le Dock Pullman venue in Paris, France from October 1st-4th and the 8-11th. All 16 teams will be playing a Best of One in a double round robin. Regions will meet, Metas will clash! Tears will be shed there will be Salt. Salt everywhere.

For a full breakdown of groups, previews and schedules visit The World Championship Page. All games can be found on the Riot Games Twitch channel.

Summoning Insight

It’s like Sports Center, but for League of Legends. And where everyone is an asshole. Entertaining, knowledgeable assholes. Hosted by e-sports journalist  Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, LoL Korea/OGN  color commentator. The show is a hardcore look at the LoL competitive scene from every major region (and sometimes not so major) discussing everything from the players, the teams, meta and standings of the various regions. Frequent special guests includes current and retired players, team owners, coaches and casters. Both hosts are abrasive and love to rustle feathers. Be warned the shows can get a little long,  the previous episode was 5 (!) hours long! You can find Summoning Insight on the insightonesports channel.


Face Check

Another LoL oriented talk show, sponsored by Vulcun, a Fantasy League of Legends site (Think Fantasy Football with League Pros). Face Check is hosted by Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco, retired League of Legends player  and Eric “Doa”  Lonnquist, A Korean OGN caster. The show primarily focuses on reviewing and commenting on the week’s recently played professional games, professional players and roster changes. Much like SI it frequently has special guests from the professional scene, with an emphasis on current players and coaches. It airs every Tuesday on the VulcanFS channel.





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