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We’ve been saying this for quiet a while now and now believe it’s picking up momentum at a very fast rate.IPTV is the way all TV is going, the future is that we will be able to watch all of TV online, many of us already do this.

IPTV gives you the ability to watch other countries content worldwide, so whether you are in the UK and want to watch TV in the US, you’ll be able to do this via certain IPTV sources.

Today we have found a awesome one for Turkey.

Seyirturk is a new IPTV service that allows you to tune in to some of their great channels via a IPTV service.

And with today’s technology the quality of streams are very good.

There are over 50 channels you can view at this moment on this IPTV service. We think that we may see more in the near future, but cannot be certain. But we would love to see more as the ones we’ve gone through are fantastic.


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