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Touch me all over – Turn your existing TV into a Touchscreen Android device with the Touchjet Wave

Would you be interested in taking your existing television and turning it into an Android based Touch screen television? Minus actually getting your grubby little finger on the screen? That’s what the TouchJet Wave, a device that  blew it’s crowdfunding out of the water, is trying to do. It’s an Android based device that uses what appears to be some pretty fancy infrared technology to turn any existing HD TV from 20″ to 80″ into a an Android based Touch device along with it”s own smartphone based remote and app. And while it’s not a beastly powerhouse, it does have specs enough to run Kodi at what should be a fairly smooth experience.


The device itself is a small IR Projecter that sits on top of your TV and is connected and powered via the HDMI port. The projector emits a sophisticated IR field that tracks finger movements and taps as you traverse the screen. The device is running Android, so installing Kodi should be a simple process like any other android based device. It also incorporates a built in Webcam and microphone which can be used if you decide to use a web conferencing application like Skype.

No one is going to argue that the Touchjet Wave is going to make the greatest dedicated Kodi device, However it may be interesting to those who want a little more utility out of their Kodi device and it continues an interesting trend of our media center devices becoming more than just TV and movies for the same price. At $99 USD (or roughly 65 GBP) It’s not much more expensive than many other Android based boxes and includes functionality you’ll never see on those devices. Whether you find the actually functionality of the Wave more gimmicky than useful will vary on a person to person basis. That’s  assuming the device works as advertised. No units have currently been shipped yet so we’ll need to wait and see if the promise of the Wave actually survives contact with our fingers.

The Wave is expected to ship sometime around the March 2016 timeframe.


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