While trying to watch my hockey game last night the free streams just couldn’t cut it.  So here is one of the top dogs of the paid streaming services RUYA IPTV = quality and reliability.  This one simply beats them all.

IPTV service in question is called; RUYA IPTV

Above is our screenshot of the packages within the Ruya IPTV Kodi add-on.

Here is where you can view different channels from the different countries and also you get your sports worldat the bottom to view all your sports in one place.

Regarding the channels available to you……there are so many we had to do a 3 minute video just to show you. Check our video below on the channels listings….it’s crazy!

So you’ve seen the channel list, ( Did you notice all the NBCSN & TSN channels 😉 ) how about the quality?

You can see the quality speaks for itself.

I personally chose 45 channels and spent my time going through them checking each for quality and how fast the feeds were and i was pretty impressed. There were no dead links from all 45 channels, my channels were form a mix from all the packages.

You’ll also be happy to know that RUYA IPTV has a ‘MOVIE’ AND ‘TV SHOW’ section.

Again, I went through these two sections and was pleasantly surprised not only at the quality but also the amount of choice and no dead links (maybe i was lucky?)

Here are some of the channels and packages available.  There are various international packages including:  USA/Canada, Italy, Portugal, Greece, UK and of course and excellent sports package.

ruya6 ruya5 ruyar ruya3 ruya2 ruya1

1 Day Trial – £2
2 Day Weekend Pass- £4

Current Pricing
1 Package Price: £16/month | 3 months £38 | 6 months £72 | 1 yr £115
Video on Demand – £4/month | 3 months £9 | 6 months £17 | 1 yr £30
Full Package – PM the admin from the facebook page, price depends on Device and Length of sub

You can sign up by going to the Facebook page located here:  RUYA IPTV Facebook Page


We think it’s reasonably priced if you want a FULL worldwide channel package that gives you everything.

Like we say to all community users, if you fancy giving it a go, get a trail day, these can also be obtained from RUYA IPTV for £2.00 per day then you can make your mind up.

We would like to thank the team at RUYA IPTV for letting us review their service.

If your interested in this service for your device, below are the contact details for you to get in touch. Whether it’s to sign up or just ask a question, these guy’s have great support.


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