About Us

Enigma Media exists as an alternative to mainstream social networks. We believe in allowing members to post without fear of censorship or reprisals (within limits of course). So, we operate as a loose group of like minded folks and hope to engage in good discussions, hilarious memes and share the latest and greatest in the Internet at Large.

Beware the BBW (That's the Big Bad Wolf)

Essentially, Enigma was born during the great facebook Kodi group purges and set up this community to give devs, fans, lurkers and noobs a place to get the information they need without having to avoid writing the words or strict community guidelines. This means that as long as you keep it within reason, you're good to go..

Have fun and spread the word.

We're always hoping to grow and bring new people into the fold. Remember, unlike facebook, we don't track you or keep tabs on you so, post, teach, learn and have fun!