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Supporting your familiy and friend's Kodi setups with TeamViewer

Many, many of you reading this blog have likely influenced friends or family in some way to obtain a Kodi device. And chances are you that more often than not, especially for family, you’re the person that ends up supporting the device.

And you’re a goddamn saint. Because it can be a right pain in the ass can’t it? The awkward phone calls of people trying to explain what’s on their screen and you trying to explain in turn what to do. The friendly visits that turn into tech support visits.

Why did I encourage them to get this  box again?

There’s an easier way to do this then painfully trying to explain things over the phone. You can install Teamviewer on their device to dial in and take control of their device remotely. TeamViewer can connect to any support device so you can control your partner’s device remotely as if you were sitting right in front of it. For the remote session to work the partner has to start a small application, which does not require installation or administrative rights. It has support for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and Linux (But not Open Elec).

This means no more trying to explain what’s happening over the phone or needing to go visit. You can simply dial in a and make the changes as needed. As an added benefit, it make sit easier to teach friend’s and fmaily remotely so that they become self sufficient: They are fully focused on listening and watching rather than trying to follow instructions.

The software is free and easy to install and sue by parties on either end of the connection, so next time you’re loading up someone’s box make sure you stick it on there!


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