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Steam Streaming Saturdays

Continuing in the spirit of Kodi Konvergence we’re going to be looking at other ways to leverage our existing equipment that we’re running our Kodi on. Today we’re going to be looking at making use of either Steam’s In-Home Streaming and Nvidia’s GameStream. For both of these options you will need your own gaming PC – We’re just using the two services above to push the games to our media center.

We’re specifically looking at games that will play well on the couch and have official controller support and GameStream support. If you don’t have these games yet I highly suggest looking  at G2A, a marketplace for buying Steam Keys on the cheap. The keys are just as valid as ones purchased through Steam but are purchased from resellers that either buy “Friend packages” in bulk or pick up large amounts of keys on sale. Each user has a rating system just like Ebay so as long you stick to trusted sellers all should be well. Overall you can make substantial sales on buying the keys here. With that said here are three games to try streaming to your Kodi Box:




First up is bit of an older, but classic title.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a single-player role-playing video game and is the fifth installment in seminal The Elder Scrolls action/adventure RPG fantasy series. The game takes place in a Viking/scandanavian like setting and is famous for the hours of exploration and organic gameplay in the series, and is one of the most well regarded games ever released. The game si played from the 1st or 3rd person as the character that you create explores the nordic countryside. The game has hundreds of hours of gameplay, with many people not even bothering to follow the main storyline, getting lost in the vast landscape and staggering amount of side quest, towns dungeons and caves to explore.

I’m choosing Skyrim first for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s still got some pretty decent system requirements, more than your average HTPC is hoping to pull off.
  2. Skyrim is a game best placed on PC due to wealth of user mods available on the platform. However it’s also a game greatly enjoyed a couch and big screen when you’re exploring it’s incredible Vistas.
  3. It’s a damn good game and worth playing for anyone interested in exploration or RPGs.
  4. By virtue of it being an older game, you don’t necassrily need a super high end gaming pc to enjoy it,

You can purchase Skyrim on G2A currently for under $20

pretty skrim


Rocket League

rocket league

Rocket League is one of those games where the premise sounds ridiculous until you actually watch it or sit down to play it: It’s essentially Soccer/Football with RC cars… That have high powered nitro engines. Those nitro engines are used to smash the ball, other cars and perform crazy aerial maneuvers. It’s demolition derby meets sports, it’s…. well just look below:


Stupid, Outrageous and really, really FUN! It’s one of the few games that’s almost as entertaining to watch as it is to play and it’s just as casual or hardcore as you make it. It’s a game who’s utter simplicity hides the almost infinite skill cap hiding underneath..The game includes full controller support on both Steam and the Nvidia GameStream, it’s system requirement are relatively modest. A great living room game that’s fun to play in a room of mates while you laugh at each other, and you can pick up for your PC for under $20.


Injustice: Gods Among Us


You know what’s awesome to play on a couch with a bunch of mates? Fighting Games!

You know what traditionally sucks to play with some mates on PC? Fighting Games!

Fighting games, when played with your friends in the same room are done 1) On a couch, preferably in range to hit each other in real life 2) On a big screen TV. It’s the law or something. Good fighting games can be difficult to find on PC, likely due to the violation of the law previously mentioned. You could always disconnect your PC and haul it into your living room and connect it to your PC, but most people don’t really want to do that and even fewer wives will allow it. A fighting game is the perfect game we’d want to leverage using our streaming, and Injustice: Gods Among Us is not only a pretty good one that’s available on Steam, it also has full controller support on the Nvidia Shield. Make sure your home network is up to snuff though, Fighting game’s are notoriously fickle when latency is involved and it can really kill the vibe if you aren’t setup right. It’s another game without super high system requirements so those without the highest end systems can enjoy and you can pick up Injustice for under $10



All the games we looked at today we’re a little on the olde,r more easily run side to appeal to a greater range of people’s capabilities. Next week however, we’ll likely take a look some games that take some more juice for those with higher end gaming rigs.


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