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No more Sad Pandas! Load repos and transfer files to your Amazon FireStick

The Amazon Fire stick is fast becoming one of the most common devices to use with Kodi. It’s cheap, small and portable. While not the most potent device on the market, it’s definitely good enough for the average user and is one of the better value purchases available. However one of the bigger initial stumbling blocks for a lot of users is loading new repos. You can add some repos by entering source directories, but not all repos are available though this method and the Fire stick lacks a USB port to load the zip files from. This is unfortunate because there’s some really great addons only available through zips. That makes for Sad Pandas 🙁



There are a multitude of ways to get around the issue, but the simplest and fastest, especially for a novice is through the use of a third party application: adbfire. Adbfire allows you to sideload apps, transfer files and do backups to Kodi. Installation and usage of adbfire is straight forward. It’s a simple matter of downloading the file and extracting it to somewhere on your PC/Mac and opening the executable. Before being able to connect to your Fire Stick and do anything you’re going to need your IP address. To do this go to your Fire Stick and select System > About > Network. Make note of the IP address listed on this screen. Now click the button marked New at the top line of button. Give it a name and enter the IP address you took down earlier and hit connect.


You’re now connected to your fire stick and can push files to your Amazon Fire stick! Pick one of the preset directories from the the left most drop down menu.Hit the button marked push, select your file and it will push that file to your firestick. The File is now present and you can follow the rest of the instructions for the given add-on to finish the install.

You can also use adbFire to transfer your Kodi backups from your stick to your computer and back. This isn’t limited to Kodi applications of course. You can transfer any file as needed.




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