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The popular XBMC/KODI playlist maker announced today that he will be taking concert requests from Twitter followers. If you’re not familiar with Rockcrusher and where his playlists are then head over to the increasingly popular Phoenix add-on where you will find his playlist. Believe me this is a great collection that is not to be missed.

After joining team Phoenix about a month ago, Rockcrusher has been on a bit of a mission and has created one of the best playlists out there on KODI right now.

He officially announced that he will be taking HD concert requests today on Twitter…

To make a request, all you need to do is head to YouTube and find an HD version of the concert you would like Rockcrusher to upload to the playlist and Tweet him the link. We’re assuming that he will test it to make sure the quality is up to par so make sure to find a good HD version.


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