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If you’ve not yet tried Robin Hood Streams Peoples List IPTV add-on then now would be a great time to give it a go. The add-on has just been given a fresh lick of paint and is looking pretty slick. The add-on is available via the MetalKettle repository, it’s essentially an add-on of a group of people who want to share their playlists. Whether than be a list of movies, tv shows, live streams, music etc you can share it on the Robin Hood Streams lists and there really are some really good lists on there.
The new slicker look and feel to the add-on is much improved on the original version and we’re looking forward to digging a little deeper in to the add-on and trying out some of the playlists.

Robin Hood Streams also has some great live sports streams guys, so if you’re looking for football, boxing, golf etc make sure to check out the add-on.
If you have not yet installed Metal Kettle’s repository then you can find out how to do it by clicking the button below.


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