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Revelations: The end of Genesis is official

As has been rumored/discussed for a few months now, the author of Genesis Lambda has decided to cease development of Genesis. This doesn’t mean that it will cease workng working, at least not right away. Genesis will continue to scrape current sources for new episodes and movies. However as sources change and become outdated Genesis will become more and more unreliable.

What this means is that Genesis will be usable, and even reliable, for the near future. However as time marches on this will no longer be the case and we will all eventually need to find a new go-to Add-on for our movies and TV shows. Currently we advocate using SALTS (Stream All The Sources) for your backup/eventual migration. However there may be another go-to Add-on in development by… Lambda?! Yup, Lambda, the creator of Genesis shuttered development of Genesis to concentrate on development of his new add-on that will apparently blow Genesis out of the water. All of this is unofficial, but highly likely even if unconfirmed.

While eventually losing Genesis is terrible, it looks like we might end up with a stronger, better alternative in the future. And if that turns out not to be the case, well there’s always some SALT.



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