Retromania V2 is coming!

If you saw The Beast Arcade Edition we talked about a few days ago you know it’s a Kodi Skin that has the Android MAME emulator built in, but no roms included. Well if you’re into gaming there’s an even more excited build coming – Retromania V2! What sets RetroManiaV2 apart from TBAE is the inclusion of a vast number of ROMs and emulators beyond just the MAME Arcade emulator, with supports and games from the SNES, GBA, PS1, Genesis, arcade games and more. The inclusion of a vast ROM library will take the vast majority of the legwork of populating your Kodi box with content.


The build is being created by Stuart Law from the The Beast Facebook group and is a complete rebuild, not just an update of Retromania. This is an especially exciting build for those who own an Nvidia Shield as it was created with the Shield
in mind and has full support for the Shield’s controller. The build will only include the emulators for Android devices, however you will be able to install the build on other devices, however you’ll need to add the emulators yourself, the ROMs still be present however.


The build is currently in testing and will not be released for a few weeks. You can bet we’ll be following progress and trying to ferret out exactly what emulators are built in a rough number of preinstalled games. We’ll definitely be putting the build through it’s paces when it’s released. It will be a tough blog post, requiring hours and hours of research, playing every game in every system. Yup. Tough post. Much research, So much research….


Oooh Zelda… Yes. Much research must be done.

If you want to follow the progress yourself join the The Beast’s Facebook group where Stuart Law is currently posting.


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