So Pepsi Is Considering Space Billboards. Hackers Salivate.

What could possibly go wrong? A shit tonne ... I for one am all for it, this is going to be great. Startrocket plans to charge companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise on their space billboards, such as this mock-up for 'LolaCola' <br>( Startrocket )

Posted April 4,2019 in News and Politics.

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Soft drinks giant PepsiCo has consulted with a Russianspacestartup offering brands the chance to project their logos into the night skies via low-orbit satellites.

PepsiCo said itsRussian subsidiary agreed a partnership with StartRocketfor an "exploratory test for stratosphere advertisements" of its Adrenaline Rushenergy drink, though claimed it would not complete the project.

The startup says it will use an array of micro satellites to project companies'logos into low-Earth orbit, with images on its website showing how images might appear floating across the sky.

"Space has to be beautiful," the site states. "With the best brands our sky will amaze us every night."

Not everyone is convinced by the idea, with some people taking to social media to label it "space pollution", while others calling fora boycott of PepsiCo products.

Thespacestartup says on its website that it will chargecompanies $200,000 (153,000) to deploy the orbital advert in the night sky for eight hours, while $500,000 will cover 10 days of the space ad.

Tests of the technology are yet to take place and StartRocket is currently seeking $25 million in funding to make the next-generation advertising platform a reality.

It is not the first time extra terrestrial advertising has been proposed, with one Japanese startup aiming to place billboards on the surface of the moon by 2020.

Tokyo-based Ispaceraised $90 million in 2017 to kickstart what it calls the "lunar economy", which involves at least in part setting up small advertising hoards on the moon that can be viewed from Earth.

The firm also plans to use the money on a manned mission to the moon, as well as send rovers to Earth's satellite to explore the surface.

A separate Japanese space startup aims to deploy micro satellites tocreate an artificial meteor shower above Hiroshima in 2020in the hope of delivering a "whole new level of entertainment".

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