To most XBMC / Kodi users, they only use this software for two thing’s, and that is for streaming movies and watching TV shows. It’s a real shame that the ‘Music’ section of XBMC / Kodi doesn’t get that much exposure.

Well here at Libertytv use every single part of XBMC / Kodi and therefore get the whole benefit of having such a awesome piece of software. Alot of users are missing out on the ‘other stuff’ that this software provides for it’s users. We have put our heads together and decided to bring you more posts on the music side of things.

Today we are going to show you how to install probably the best music add-on that is available…….and remember, it’s ALL FREE!

Whether you want to watch your favorite music artist in video format or you want to listen to one of their albums, this add-on has everything. This add-on isn’t new, in-fact it’s coming nearly upto a year old, but yet people still don’t know about it.

The music add-on which is in question is Bin@ural

Bin@ural is the ultimate music streaming add-on on XBMC / Kodi. We’ve been using this for quiet a few months, and surprised that when we mentioned it to fellow users they didn’t know what it was all about.

Imagine a music add-on that has everything……this is it!

Let’s have a look in the Video section….

From the image above you can see it practically has every category you could want. All you need to do is select what you want to view, whether it’s by country or choosing your favorite artist under the A-Z category, you have the whole music industry at the tip of your finger.

Sometimes when you press a video to play, you get a pop-up at the top of your screen, just press yes. Some video’s you don’t get this and it auto plays. As for the quality, it’s spot-on!

So you get the idea behind the video section of Bin@ural . What about the music side of things? Well it’s basically the same.

You get various categories that allow to to listen to pretty much anything.

Just select you song choice and listen….simple as that. It will also play in the background if you chose to navigate out of the Bin@ural add-on and go searching in other add-ons on your setup.


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