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They claim they are ‘Streaming Providers’ , but it actually seems that the guy’s behind PPVBay are actually more pirates.

Over the last month or so we’d been getting whispers through through the community of a certain sporting add-on that charges a subscription is actually not providing any of there own streams, more of ripping them off other paid sub based sports add-ons and charging them as there own.

At first we just took these ‘whispers’ as jealous users or users that may have a grudge against PPVBay.

It’s not until today that we finally realised we must act upon these claims as yet another member of the community contacted us and said they would actually provide evidence to back these claims up. The findings are shocking.

So we got a tweet from that guy above proving he can provide water tight on what PPVBay get up to.

It’s seem’s that PPVBay just basically leeching of almost every other subscription based add-on and passing it off as there own.

Here are the words of Ashley Smalley:

“I’ve known the owner @MizikoDon [the guy behind PPVBAY] for a long time , I worked on his old sites and he is not a nice person, he brags on how much money he earns, he openly admits to me that he earns thousands of pounds for little work as he gets his streams from other sites, as you can see from the screenshots I have the proof of him admitting he is stealing from Offside Streams, his sites never last long and I feel its terrible hes letting people pay these long subscription fee’s when I know for a FACT that he will not be around long enough to honour those subscriptions

Offside Streams, NTV, SportsAccess, I think infusum he mentioned as well,
there are others as well. They are also testing out some 24-7 beta streams
from OSS too according to reports”.

It also now seem’s that they have just blocked anymore registrations on their site.

Below are a few screenshots of a conversation between the owner of PPVBay and<fontcolor=”9932cc”> Ashley as you can see PPVBay are bragging about the streams they highjack and couldn’t care less about charging for them.

The two screenshot below are from PPVBay and what it seem’s they are doing is opening a program such as screen cap and recording the screen which happens to have OSS [OffsideSideStreams] streams on and delivering it through their Kodi add-on, this making it look like it’s one of their own feeds.




So it’s clear to see PPVBay are leeching streams from various premium paid sports add-ons from Kodi, mainly OSS and selling them on to their audience that is non of the wiser that what exactly is going on.

Stealing streams and passing them off as your own is not what our community is all about, especially when your selling them on, this is even worse!

We would like to thank Ashley for reaching out to us and letting us have all this info. If your on Twitter be sure to give this guy a follow HERE.

We haven’t heard anything back from the guy’s at PPVBay as of yet but we welcome any feedback from them and if anymore light can be shed on this subject.


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