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We’ve just received an full statement from the guy’s at PPVBay on the allegations that were made that they were stealing streams from paid Kodi add-ons and selling them on.

Above is a link to the article and we suggest before reading any of the below, you refresh your memory on on what has actually been accused.

We’ve highlighted all PPVBay’s wording below in the article. We thank PPVBay for reaching out to us and putting their side of the story over to us and we hope that we can now lay to rest this issue and move forward.

‘They claim they are ‘Streaming Providers’ , but it actually seems that the guy’s behind PPVBay are actually more pirates.
Over the last month or so we’d been getting whispers through through the community of a certain sporting add-on that charges a subscription is actually not providing any of there own streams, more of ripping them off other paid sub based sports add-ons and charging them as there own.’

Regarding this quote I would like to say if we are pirates so is everybody else and secondly we have not been ripping anybody off.

So we got a tweet from that guy above proving he can provide water tight on what PPVBay get up to. It’s seem’s that PPVBay just basically leeching of almost every other subscription based add-on and passing it off as there own.

Here are the words of Ashley Smalley:
“I’ve known the owner @MizikoDon [the guy behind PPVBAY] for a long time , I worked on his old sites and he is not a nice person, he brags on how much money he earns, he openly admits to me that he earns thousands of pounds for little work as he gets his streams from other sites, as you can see from the screenshots I have the proof of him admitting he is stealing from Offside Streams, his sites never last long and I feel its terrible hes letting people pay these long subscription fee’s when I know for a FACT that he will not be around long enough to honour those subscriptions
Offside Streams, NTV, SportsAccess, I think infusum he mentioned as well,
there are others as well. They are also testing out some 24-7 beta streams
from OSS too according to reports”.

Regarding this quote, I would like to say If I am not a nice guy then I am not a nice guy, If I am, I am this is something people can judge not just one individual. Ashley has been a worker at my websites in the past which have been closed but at every situation I shut down my website an e-mail was sent to users who have purchased elite at those sites to get in touch. If you would like proof I can prove via some members who have elite via this route. Ashley goes on to say I have leeched from Offside Streams, NTV, Sports Access and Infusum.
First of all, Offside (OSS). I have no account(s) at the website which means there is no logical way of stealing their streams, NTV. I consider NTV as friends of mine as one of their owners John is a kind man and one of their technician is a great man too. Sports Access, like OSS I have no account at their website and from what I have seen on Twitter they have “Sports Access” logos on their streams, and mine do not. Infusum again I have seen on Twitter they have logos on their streams mine do not say Infusum or Sports Access. Secondly, I think people should ask Mr. Ashley Smalley why he had bought a subscription on OSS, and then asked for a refund as I can see from his tweets.

It also now seem’s that they have just blocked anymore registrations on their site.

Regarding this, I want to say we closed registrations hours before there was any sign of this report. We closed this because our servers couldn’t handle many more members and we need to focus on perfect streams. You can even check the tweet I had sent out.

Below are a few SCREENSHOTS of a conversation between the owner of PPVBay and Ashley as you can see PPVBay are bragging about the streams they highjack and couldn’t care less about charging for them.

Regarding these screenshots from a Skype I use to use, you can see Ashley was asking me about where I get my streams from in which I replied secret, since I do not want to mention names of my streamers or dealers. He also goes on to say you do know OSS streams do not have their RTMPs in their streams. I am just curious how does he know this? Maybe because I fired him once before when this bloke was a streamer for me, later on in that message you can see I have said I don’t have an account at OSS but I will buy it. How can I leech their streams when I haven’t bought any accounts on their website?
Regarding what I have said in this Skype conversation the big hot topic puller is when I said secret to which sites and how I was going to buy an OSS account. Truth to the matter of that is, I never reveal who streams what for my site for protection and which people my co owner does deals with, in that I said I am going to because of the fact Ashley was asking me many times to make a website with him which shows mainly Sky Sports F1 streams and then asked me to steal from OSS, when I told him they probably will have good security from the rtmps Ashley was providing me with the information of the OSS rtmps I told him I guarantee you this was impossible they have good security and what probably triggered the jealousy off is when I refused to make the site with him, so then days later when he kept bugging me about where will I get my boxing streams from I replied OSS. One to make him angry that I could steal from them IF I wanted to something he thought I couldn’t do for him but can for me (In reality, I probably could not steal their streams) and also to convince him I had no partnerships before he starts bad mouthing them and I am sure some of my elite users must have an account at OSS and can prove the streams were not identical.

The two SCREENSHOTS are from PPVBay and what it seem’s they are doing is opening a program such as screen cap and recording the screen which happens to have OSS [OffsideSideStreams] streams on and delivering it through their Kodi add-on, this making it look like it’s one of their own feeds.

This to me is the pinnacle hot spice of everything about this topic, the streams. First of all my co-owner has spoken to another person about allowing HD+ Streaming content on our site and they have reached an agreement which will be questioned by me when he is back from studies but I know for a fact if he was capping, common sence would be to remove the logo, he will be back in the coming days. I want to ask this and this is the main question ‘How can I steal these streams when I do not have an account at OSS” and if you Google a few HD streams you can often see this logo popping up therefore I cannot say OSS are the HD+Streaming owners or not but I can say If I am a stealer then so is everybody else because the HD+Streaming network is everywhere and I feel one of the dealers may have done several partnerships and just for the record the stream is 100% not from OSS neither do I or my co-owner have access to an OSS account.

So it’s clear to see PPVBay are leeching streams from various premium paid sports add-ons from Kodi, mainly OSS and selling them on to their audience that is non of the wiser that what exactly is going on.
Stealing streams and passing them off as your own is not what our community is all about, especially when your selling them on, this is even worse!

We would like to thank Ashley for reaching out to us and letting us have all this info. If your on Twitter be sure to give this guy a follow HERE.
We haven’t heard anything back from the guy’s at PPVBay as of yet but we welcome any feedback from them and if anymore light can be shed on this subject.

I wouldn’t say it clear, I would look at this as jealousy because a friend of mine also in the Kodi world, owns a popular website and Ashley was very very jealous of him he use to tell me why is he so greedy why is this why is he that every time I told him he has worked hard he use to tell me he makes a lot of money this and that. I have bragged many times, but not because “oh I am richer than you!”, I have NEVER EVER said anything like “I am richer than you, you suck”, I have bragged because it shows many users like my streams like what I give and like the hard work I put into my website and it shows how just an average site owner last year is now a big hit on Kodi now sadly for the falsely accused wrong reasons.

At this moment, I will not be releasing any more statements and I wish Ashley, Kodi Now, All the sites mentioned and everyone good luck with the future.

I want to end this statement by saying I always wanted to have my words on Kodinow some form of another but since it is the bad one I might make the most of it, so here I go..
“Hi guys”


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