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It seems that there are more and more great sports streaming add-ons hitting Kodi these days, which is great don’t get me wrong but which are the better ones and which ones are worth paying for. That’s the big question that we get asked all the time. We are all looking to watch our favourite teams play on weekly basis, and it’s fantastic that with these new add-ons we are actually given the chance to watch. For years we have not been able to watch any of the 3pm kickoffs in the Premier League unless we streamed them over the internet which at the time was fantastic,however looking back on it the picture quality was poor, you couldn’t really see the ball, it skipped and you missed the all important goal. Well it’s all changed with the latest add-on and services being offered on XBMC/Kodi, picture quality has drastically improved, buffering is a thing of the past and well, we can now actually sit back and enjoy the football. So many new add-ons are flooding in offering a great service at the end of the day the choice is yours, we’re simply here to show you what is available. That being said, in no particular order, here is our top 10 sports streaming add-ons for live football.

Sports Access offers top quality streams for all Premier League matches, as well as European games, Champions League, Uefa Cup and a whole host of other live sporting events. The stream quality ranges from 480p to full 1080p and are running on their own servers. It’s a highly impressive service that they have and are always on Twitter answering any questions and attending to any links which may be either down or lagging (buffering).
Sports Access has been tested on a wired internet connection with 4.2mbps and worked perfectly, streaming 720 and 1080 streams with no problem what so ever.
Keep in mind this is a paid subscription.

PRICE – Free 6 month membership with the purchase of a Prometheus box, discounted yearly membership for Prometheus owners only.
RECCOMMENDED – Yes, we highly recommend recommend add-on for streaming your sports. With the free membership for Prometheus owners it would be an immediate ‘go to’ add-on if you’re looking for football streams.


DigiteleSports, formally known as the popular Sports Devil add-on is now available to install via URL, the add-on has been updated and contains several new sources for live streams. If you are an XBMC veteran then you will more than familiar with how Sports Devil worked, well DigiteleSports is exactly the same. Stream quality is a little hit and miss, some streams a very poor and close to un watchable however they tend to offer various links with different picture qualities which is great if you have a poor connection. In many cases since the boom of the paid subscription services which are now being offered DigiteleSports has become more of a fall back on add-on for those if in doubt moments when other add-ons may be down.
The add-on does not come installed on the latest Prozone configuration so you will need to add it, please take a look at the guide below for install instructions.
Here’s how to add the DigiteleSports (SportsDevil) add-on via URL.

PRICE – Free
RECCOMMENDED – We would recommend that you try other sources first, as mentioned DigiteleSports is a great add-on and a legend in the XBMC world as one of the first sport streaming add-ons. However there are better alternatives now available and we would recommend that you try others out before falling back on digitelesports.


Sports Mania is another subscription based add-on which we’re liking the look of. As with the others mentioned in this post you get what you pay for, better stream quality tend to be in paid sub based add-ons. Sports Mania has a great selection of live sports streams including links to Premier League football, Champions League, Uefa Cup and more. If there is a game on, the chances are that it will be on the list. As far as stream quality goes, it’s up there with the likes of Sports Access, Real Sport Streams and NBC. Quality again ranging from 480 to full 1080 so depending on your internet download speeds and your bandwidth you shouldn’t have any issues. Again this add-on was tested using a 4.2mbps BT connection with no problem. Even streaming football at full 1080 on those speeds was not a problem.

PRICE – $17.99 / Month $25.99 / 3 Months (Different price options are available)


RECCOMENDED – Another option if you’re looking to add to your collection. As mentioned before it’s always good to have options, incase one add-on is down for example. Sports Mania serves as a great go to add-on which is full of live sporting streams to satisfy your needs. As with other Sub based add-ons you get what you pay for, great stream quality which is reliable. As an added benefit they are active on social media channels and offer great support when needed. As far as pricing goes, it works out to be a lot cheaper to buy either the yearly pass at $74.99 rather than the monthly cost of $17.99. However if you’re just wanting to test it and compare it to others before you splash out on a subscription you can sign up for their day pass for just $5.99.


Offside Streams is an add-on which has been around for a while and has continued to provide top quality sporting streams to their subscribers. Again this is a paid subscription premium service and as with others they are offering a full range of HD streams for the Premier League football. It’s certainly an option for people should they prefer to chose something different to other paid add-on such as Sports Mania, HQ Zone, Real Sports etc. Their streams are very good and most importantly, very reliable. With direct support available on Twitter and via email they are always on hand should subscribers have any issues with streams. They are parent add-on to the Real Sports Streams add-on mentioned above, both offering a very reliable service. Once again, all Premier League, Champions League, Uefa Cup and European leagues are streamed here in great resolution. As with all the streams which are mentioned in this post, OSS has been tested running a 4.2mbps wired connection and show little to no buffering on the several games which were tested. Another highly recommend add-on. As you can see from the list below, they have an incredible line up of channels including entertainment, documentary and movies.

PRICE – £10.99
RECOMMENDED – In our opinion it’s up there with the best. So yes, this add-on is highly recommend. It’s also great to see that they are active on social channels offering quick support. They also have a great website with lots of useful information as an added benefit, and probably the most important in a sports streaming service, is the quality of the streams, no need to worry here they are spot on. Certainly worth testing it out for a month to see for yourself.


It’s nice to see some free services out there that are offering decent sports streams. Vdubt25 is one of them, in my opinion their streams are better than those you would find on DigiTeleSports. They do offer a good selection of matches but sometimes do not show the full line up. As far as stream quality goes they tend to show a majority of their streams in 480, below standard definition. Sometimes you will come across a very good link, it’s all down to what is available at the time. So all in all a good free alternative and a good fall back option if you do have a paid account with someone else.

PRICE – Free
RECOMMENDED – Yes, like I said if you have a paid account with a different add-on and that add-on is down then this would be a good fall back on add-on in the downtime. Streams tend to be better than those found on DigiTeleSports but no where near as good as the ones you find on a paid sub based add-on like Sports Access or Real Sports Streams.


Phoenix is a powerhouse add-on and has recently updated their offerings and now have a live streams section which includes sports. The add-on is of course free to use as is their sporting streams, which is great news! The quality of their streams is also something worth mentioning as their streams are actually quite good and as far as free streams go it’s certainly up there with the better ones.

PRICE – Free
RECOMMENDED – Most definitely. If you’re either looking for a fall back add-on or are not thinking about paying a subscription at all and would rather just use the free ones out there then the streams which are available in here are certainly worth bookmarking. It’s nice to see that huge add-ons such as Phoenix are adding live streams and not charging users to view them, all be it the streams are not as good as the paid services however this is expected. In our books, Phoenix sports streams is certainly a worthy contendor in your sports add-on collection.


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