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If you’ve been paying attention on social media today then you will have noticed that KODI dev extraordinaire, METLEKETTLE has been working closely with the add-on that seems to be in the lime light right now UK TURKS in creating a new 24 hours a day, 7 days a week music streaming playlist.

Well It has now been confirmed that the new list is live over on the UK TURKS add-on and is host to some amazing music streams to suit all tastes. From Hip Hop to all time classics there is a stream out there for you.

Like I said the new playlist is part of UK TURKS on going list of updates to their add-on and is available right now via the METALKETTLE repository.

We’ve tested a lot of the streams and all are working flawlessly, this is exactly what we were looking for on KODI an extensive list of music streams that can be used at any house party or even just throughout the day. With the choice of music on there, the options are endless. Yet another stellar job from the guys MetalKettle and UK Turks.



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