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We want to give you guy’s more info about cool music/audio add-on’s you can get for your Kodi device and today we are going to show you a awesome add-on that I personally use on a daily basis via it’s app.

We the music add-on in question is none other than TuneIN Radio.

TuneIN Radio is one of the best radio apps you can get, it’s easy navigation along with it’s huge database of radio stations from around the world make it a must have app.

The good news is that it’s now available via your Kodi device!

That’s right guy’s, TuneIN Radio has been ported over to Kodi so we can use at our leisure on our devices. So not only you can download it from the App Store or Playstore and use it throughout the day, you can come home, turn your Kodi device on and press play.

And like we mentioned before, the TuneIN Radio app has really easy navigation and so does the Kodi add-on!

You can use the browse function to have a look into various categories such as sports, Live TV , Podcasts and so on.

How about using the search function? If you know the radio station your looking for head straight here.

If you want to see your favorite, then you must be signed in. You don’t have to be signed into TuneIN Radio to use the other functions apart from this one. If you click on favorites without signing in, you’ll see this message….

Now if your really into your radio, there is a URL function. This is for you to directly input the url that you know of a radio station that is being broadcasted. We can only assume that you would use this if it’s not found in the search function.

What is also cool is when you click on a station to play, you can come out of TuneIN Radio and scroll through Kodi with it still playing.


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