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We recently had a urge from the community about IPTV services on Kodi. We’ve had a lot of emails in asking where are the best free ones are, so we have delved into this subject full pelt and have found some awesome IPTV services out there, so you will see a influx of great blogs on various ones on here.

Like with any add-on, we vicariously test them on Prometheus to make sure it works and more important, that they are worth tell the community about. (This one is awesome)

Today we are going to show you LIHATTV IPTV

As per the title LIHATTV IPTV give’s you well over 2000 channels, if you want to be anal it actually has 2483 at the last count we done.

So you can see that we have literally torn this add-on apart to get to know every inch of it.

Having so many channels is a huge undertaking for the guy’s at LIHATTV, this is why they have set up a Facebook page where you can drop them any issues you may have like certain channels that are broken.

So let’s get onto the content.

As you can see from the screenshot above, once you dive into LIHATTV you get two options.

The LIVE TV section is pretty self explanatory,this is where you can view all the Live TV. The search function is pretty neat and works very well.

From the screenshots below, you can see it’s all categorized for simple navigation.

We can hear exactly what you just said….’WOW!’

You have every channel you could possible want in LIHATTV within these categories, so for example under the ‘Sports’ section, you get Sky Sports channels, BeIN Sports, TSN and many more.

As for the quality, it’s pretty good for a free service. You get a few HD channels in the various categories to view but more are SD, below are a few examples.

Overall LIHATTV is probably one of the best free IPTV services to add to your setup.

We’ve had a few days playing around with it and we are very impressed not only at the selection, but also the response time on fixing broken links when reported on their Facebook page.

By the amount of noise they are making in the community, it seems more channels and servers are constantly being added to the service to improve it.



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