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It seems like there is a new Genesis update popping up every week right now, although it may be a little frustrating at times it’s great to see that the add-on is getting the TLC that it needs in order to get back where it belongs, on top.

The latest release is Geneis 5.0.3 which has just been released and is said to fix some of the outstanding bugs that some KODI users were experiencing. Personally, I have only really experienced one or two issues since the 5.0 release. At times, the movie or show I was watching would all of a sudden stop, and get stuck at 0% buffering. 5.0.3 has been installed on my devices this evening and all seems to be running smooth. So is that it? Has it finally been cracked or are there still some bugs which need to be addressed?


  • Added Megabox source.
  • Updated available sources.
  • NOTE: Ororo in some areas may need an account, create an account at http://ororo.tv
  • NOTE: Don’t forget to add your account in the addon’s settings.
  • Tweaked default timeout of sources to 15 seconds.
  • Updated available resolvers.
  • Code cosmetics.



Genesis should automatically update to 5.0.3 however if you notice that you’re not on the latest version all you need to do is force refresh the repo and then open it up, locate Genesis and then press the C button to show the context menu, then check for updates. Another way, is to simply remove Genesis countries countries then re install it! It should then install the new version for you.

Let us know how you get on with the new 5.0.3, if you’re having any issues we would love to hear what they are. Enjoy guys! 



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