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Kodi makes it's triumphant return to SteamOS!

Big news for those who have or are interested in obtaining or currently running a box SteamOS – Kodi is returning! For those not in the know, the SteamOS is Valve’s, the maker of the Steam, attempt to break into the living with a form of PC console hybrid. We’ve discussed Steam in the past when we showed you how to leverage your Kodi device as a client for Steam In-Home Streaming. The SteamOS Beta is available for download now and the first Steam Machines are scheduled to start shipping November 10th.

Kodi used to function on the SteamOS sometime ago, but when SteamOS version Brewmaster was released it broke the repository that functioned with the previous version, Alchemist.

Redditor, Steam user and Linux enthusiast ProfessorKaos64 is working on resurrecting the project and getting a stable release of Kodi ready for SteamOS.

This is a work in progress, but it’s also a passion for ProfessorKaos64

Pursuing Kodi was a definite goal and drive for me , once Kodi no longer worked with Valves latest release of SteamOS, Brewmaster. You could say it was a personal mission to get it back. It’s all I could think about really. I would even build / test remotely from my Android device over SSH to a VMware virtual machine, “Chasing the rabbit,” you could say. The SteamOS-Tools repository is just my latest addiction and hobby in a line of projects. I just enjoy scripting, and dabble here and there in everything else.

If you’re interested in installing yourself you can find the repository including existing documentation here.

We want to stress that this is still new, and have not been thoroughly tested quite yet Use at your own risk! This is not an official release by the Kodi team but rather a labor of love by a member of the community

We’ll be keeping an eye on the project and updating regularly as major release milestones occur.


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