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Jazz it up! Music on Kodi (Especially for parties!)

Jazz it up! Music and Karaoke on Kodi (Especially for parties!)

The Kodi community spends a lot of time talking about movies and TV, which makes sense since it’s what drew most of us to the platform to begin with, but there’s a lot of music content out there with advantages over more traditional music devices and services.

I use my Kodi boxe here as the centerpiece of our living room, and that includes Music. And there’s one situation that a Kodi appliance shines when it comes to music: Parties! Music coming from a speaker system is one thing. Music coming from the BadAss™ sound system you connected to your Home Theater System (You DO have a BadAss™ sound system, right?) with video, lyrics or kaleidoscopic art appearing on the screen. It takes space that would otherwise be dead or irrelevant (either because the TV is off or showing something like a TV show with no sound) and makes it a visual centerpiece of your cocktail party.

When it comes to choice of Add-on, you’ve got quite a few to choose from, but I’m going to focus on 3.


We’re going to start with Radio because it doesn’t require any additional repos and may in fact already by installed on your Kodi.If you don’t already have it you can find it in the official Kodi.XBMC repositiory under music Add-ons. Radio, as the name implies, is a Add-on that aggregates and broadcast stations from the world and the internet, both terrestrial and net based . You can sort Radio stations through a variety of filters, be they Genre, language, location etc.It’s fantastic when you want to listen to something without knowing specifically what you want to listen to.

Radio interface

While the music plays the TV will display rapidly changing, kaleidoscopic images. Makes for an attractive background, however not recommended for epileptics!



It’s the music Add-on we use most around here, with a preference for the channel Martini in The Morning when evening rolls around. It’s classic big band/Vegas showroom hits. Think Frank Sinatra and friends. Fantastic for cocktail parties.You can find it under the top 100 stations category.


MP3 Streams

We’ve previously shown how you can install the MP3 Streams add-on and it’s well worth doing so.It’s one of, if not the best music add-ons for Kodi. With the ability to serch for specific songs, add favorite artist, songs and albums to favorite and access to curated playlist it Has a place in everyone’s add-on list. You’ll need the Kinkin Repo to install Mp3 Stream, which you can get here.






UK Music Video Juke Box

OK, so technically this is a Video Add-on… But it’s to play music videos, so it still counts! Similar to playing Youtube videos to get your visual music fix, UK Juke Box has the plus off not breaking up your grooving time with any ads. Unlike YouTube it has additional, music specific sorting features, like genre and year. The Videos are mostly all in HD. It’s installed from the official Kodi/XBMC repo so it;s minimal effort to get it installed. If yopu need an install guide we’ve got one right here






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