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Jarvis release candidate 3 now out

The third release candidate has been published. As with RC2 this is a bug fix release. A quick recap of what has changed in the Jarvis release is below and you can view previous coverage on the Jarvis release here. If you’re looking to install Jarvis you can find all the release downloads here.

Fixes done in Release Candidate 3:

  • • Fix some possible DVD menu problems
  • • Fix selection of stacked multiple ISO files (movie.disc1.iso, movie.disc2.iso, movie.disc3.iso etc)
  • • Fix navigation in EPG grid when there’s channels have no EPG data available
  • • Add missing MOOD tag scanning for FLAC/Ogg/Xiph/Vorbis, ASF and MP4/iTunes like other file format
  • • Use local icon stored icon instead of downloading a new one when for the add-on update notification
  • • Fix CPU feature check on Android for newer kernels
  • • Fix not correctly selecting items in a list when list is updated or going to next page
  • • Fix “renderloop” crashes on Windows
  • • Fix accidental repeated button presses with long-press feature
  • • Added French AZERTY keyboard

Fixes done in Release Candidate 2:

  • • Additional fixes done on saving setting when switching between different profiles
  • • Increase time-out when searching for audio devices on Windows which solves some cases of Kodi not starting
  • • Fix crash when unplugging USB devices
  • • Fix crash when choosing Add Timer in EPG window

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

With that said lets focus on some things that have been changed and added which are noticeable for the end users.

What did change in Kodi 16:

  • • Implement the more future proof DirectX11 for Windows which still works for DirectX9 video cards;
  • • Event logging which among others shows which video files didn’t got added to your library;
  • • Skin settings are now stored as separate files like any other add-on which makes migrating settings a lot easier;
  • • Image resource add-ons which provide a single point of entry for skins to share common used images like movie studio icons and record labels which saves quite a lot of space and bandwidth;
  • • Audio DSP  (Digital Signal Processing)  add-on integration and are already included which could make things possible like equalizers, sound processing, fake surround and more
  • • PVR/DVR section has been extended and improved massively which now also handles series recording
  • • Music library improvements which includes asking to scan to library when adding locations and also better tag scanning
  • • Button long-press which extends the functionality of a single button to handle two functions which is great for button deprived remotes
  • • User interface now supports a new stereoscopic depth effect for 3D TVs or VR headsets
  • • Extend the UPnP server/client integration between Kodi installations
  • • Android now support a Surface Rendering which keeps the interface at normal HD resolution while allows playback of 4K on supported devices
  • • Removal of the infamous libstagefright on Android  which served us for the past years while the Android platform matured to a fully fetaured MediaCodec
  • • Add-on manager underwent heavy changes which includes slightly different structure, per add-on auto-update on/off switch, better update/rollback support to choose from repos,
  • • Extend the included keyboard layouts which includes Korean and Chinese
  • • Improved multi-touch support which now also works on Linux
  • • Gives skin developers a more reliable platform to work from and reduce amount of work for adapting to new Kodi versions
  • • Greatly improved audio and video playback in general
Event logging Scan music to library
EPG v16-recordings
ADSP manager ADSP Equalizer
v16-addon auto update v16-keyboards


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