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ISPs are cracking down. Protect yourself

With Comcast and now Verizon cracking down on peer-to-peer steaming it’s becoming untenable to continue using these services unprotected. Many users are switching back to Scrape & Stream services like Genesis, who’s future may be in doubt, however there is still a huge benefit to P2P Add-ons: The quality, especially for sound, is frequently better and depending on the title there can be significantly less buffering. The experience can frequently be a superior one over all.

However, continuing to use these services is becoming more dangerous as ISPs are now beginning to put more pressure on P2P services – They aren’t just punishing BitTorrent clients anymore, the rest of the major ISPs will certainly follow Comcast and Verizon’s lead. If you want to continue to use Add-ons like Popcorn time you’re going to need to protect yourself. A known and trusted name in this space is IPVanish. It was even reviewed as one of the best VPN services available by FastVPNservice.com


IPVanish is one of the few Tier 1 VPN networks available in the world, with a network of 25,000+ IPs on 225+ servers in 60+ countries. They own their entire network .No partners or affiliates: Every server in every country is owned by IPVanish and none of your data is ever logged as per their Zero-Log policy.

Perhaps most importantly for the average user is the products ease of use.

Getting started with IPVanish is dead simple

  • Download the software for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook) and install it.
  • Launch the app and enter in your username and password.
  • IPVanish will choose a default VPN network that is based on your location. You can change locations as much as you like with no fee or penalty.


Unlike the other VPN services that boast that their product is easy to use, IPVanish doesn’t come with the same series of limitations and caveats:

Bandwidth usage is UNLIMITED. You don’t need to worry that you accidentally left your VPN on while browsing the web and consuming precious data on your account, you can switch servers whenever you want, access to mobile apps for no additional charge and no throttling or blocking of any kind.

One caveat! If you load IPVanish onto your router (Which is recommended for ease of use) be careful which services you are running it on. SportsAccess will ban any accounts who use a VPN. Just remember to disable IPVanish before using SportsAcces or other services that share this limitation.



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