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Is a new Nvidia Shield Tablet coming? 4K media on the Go

As we all know know, when you’re shopping for a piece of hardware you need to weight the difference options available, you very rarely get everything you want. You either need to pay more, give up certain features or put up with certain niggles and annoyances.

In the case of Nvidia’s Shield Tablet, you had a fantastic, high powered tablet with access to Nvidia’s GameStream and GRID features, and worked as a fantastic, portable device capable of outputting 4K resolution. It was a pretty kickass tablet and worked as a nice Kodi device that you could take on the go and connect in your home .And at $299 is actually a pretty good value.

As far as a drawbacks and “niggles”, it had the unfortunate issue of occasionally exploding, catching on fire and turning into the sun.*



As far as trade-offs go, it’s a doozy. Which is why Nvidia recalled 88k of them back July/August. Probably not what they were thinking when they were aiming to have the season’s hot item. The Shield Tablet remains on the market, as the recall only affected models containing certain battery types. It’s a great a product now that it doesn’t explode but it dealt a serious blow to reputation of the product. While an Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 was always believed to be an inevitability, the recall cast a pall on the prospect and there were concerns the project would be scrapped or heavily delayed.

However with other manufacturers now moving into the gaming/4K media tablet space and rumors that new Nvidia tablet internals have passed certification with the Korean Radio Research Agency there is a belief that Nvidia will be going full steam ahead with an improved, second generation Tablet with 100% less explosions*.

There’s nothing confirmed in regards to price or specs, but rumors are that the new tablet will retail for $299 USD (roughly 197 GBP) and be equipped with the Tegra X1. It’s expected to retain it’s 8 inch form factor and 1920 x 1200 resolution and also come equipped with two front facing speakers and 2 5 MP cameras, on the front and back respectively.


Port/connections should be a micro- USB, microSD and mini HDMI ports.

Not bad for $299.

There’s no current release date announced and if you don’t want to wait and need a good media tablet you can still purchase the original, no longer exploding* Shield Tablet.

*I’m taking a somewhat poetic license… They didn’t so much explode as get really, really hot and potentially burn people.


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