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Interview with The Beast creator, Chris Blower

If you browse most Kodi related forums, subreddits or Facebook groups you’ve probably at some point seen a reference of a custom build called The Beast. It’s a build who’s following is almost fanatical in the Kodi scene with it’s own dedicated sub-community comprised of Kodi veterans and new comers alike. We asked The Beast builder and maintainer Chris Blower a few questions about his build and his efforts within the Kodi community.

To start with would you mind letting us a know a little bit about yourself?

I’m Just a normal guy who does normal things, nothing special.. I’m in my 20s and live in Manchester.  Love football, boxing and messing about with different Kodi builds.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Beast, can you provide a quick summary?

The Beast is a build for kodi that provides all Add-ons in a easy clean format that’s also easy to navigate from any Add-on you like,from football to movies, kids content to tv box-sets, its all there at a touch of a button.

How long have you been involved with Kodi and what made you decide to build and promote The Beast?

I have been using kodi for about 5 years and decided to make my own build when it became hard to find decent streams without putting a load off repos in for friends and family, so I made a small build with the needed repos and backed the build up, saved it on a usb and installed on their boxes. That’s how it took off really.

Why do you think The Beast has taken off the way it has? What’s it’s secret to it’s popularity?

I think it took off because its different than most builds. It has a section for each gender and direct links to the streams you want without going though the Add-on to get that single stream. It was also the time a 3pm section had been added to a build solely for football, which is a great feature! The build is always up to date with the latest and greatest Add-ons..I also have a good team behind me which is important.

Did you take any inspiration from anyone else? Is there anyone other builds that you particularly respect?

Yeah, the likes of Gandelf who i think set the bar as far as builds go. That was a top notch build and it’s a shame he left the Kodi scene, SilenceROM is a recent one which is a very good one along with Spartan.

How do you feel about people that charge for builds or add-ons?

Water is free but people still charge a fee to get that product to you! In the Kodi world it can be a touchy subject because the platform is free and most Add-ons are too, although some of the Add-on Devs accept donations. Personally i don’t have a problem with people charging for their time putting things together for their users.  I have been slated in the past for “supposed” paid builds, however I have never charged anybody to use my builds, they are free as everyone should know, but people like to make things up and spread rumours. The Beast is FREE!

We’d like to thank Chris for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to check out The Beast yourself charge on over to their website.  It’s a fantastic build that fits one a range of devices, from Android boxes to HTPCs


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