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Installing the Cold as Ice add-on

Cold as Ice is a brand new movie and TV add-on. Created by Mettle Kettle and administered by a former Navi-X playlister it’s an add-on that may hold some promise in an already very crowded scene.We’ll keep an eye on this one and see if it ever goes anywhere.

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager


file manager

  • Select Add Source, select None and enter the following: http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz. If a name is not already assigned make sure to give it one and press done.


  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEMscreenshot001


  • Select Add-Ons


  • Select Install from zip file


  • Select the recently created source


  • Select plugin.video.coldasice-1.0.0.zip. Your new add-on should be installed in a few seconds. Enjoy!




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