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Installing KodiFlix on your device

Kodiflix is one of the newest darlings on the Kodi build scene. It emulates the look and feel of Netflix almost perfectly and it great for every device from tv to phones or laptops.

The build requires a PIN number to unlock it when it boots. The PIN is currently 20160606 however it may change. If that’s the case make sure to join the Schism Facebook group to get the new one.

Currently in order to install

  • Select System/FileManager


  • Double click on Add Source


  • Enter http://justnewtech.com/schism/ and click DONE. It should have already been given the name Schism, if not not make sure sure to add a name for your source.


  • Go back to your Home screen, scroll back to and select System. Now scroll down to Add-ons


  • Select Install from Zip


  • Select the Schism source we created earlier and then install repository.schismtv.addons.zip


Go back to you Add-ons menu and this time select install from repository > Schism TV Rpository > Program Add-ons > Schism TV Wizard


Go back to your screen and scroll over to programs. Select Schism TV Wizard > Schism TV Builds > Kodiflix. The build will now download. This may take some time.


Once completed follow the prompt to focre close Kodi. Once it boots back up you should be running the awesome KodiFlix! You’ll be prompted to enter the PIN code you got earlier. Once you’ve enter the code and in you’re in Kodi you can disable ever being asked for the pin again. Go to Menu > Settings > Profiles and disable Login Screen.



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