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Important service announcement for X-files fans from TKNORRIS

If you’re an X-files fan and are looking forward to watching the newest installment of the cult classic, the developer of SALTS, TKNORRIS, has released an important service announcement:


Since X-Files is returning soon, I’m posting this now in hopes of heading off at least some of the posts with questions like: “Why aren’t the new episodes of X-Files showing up in MNE?”

If the “Exclude completed, ended shows from My Next Episodes” setting is enabled, then TV Shows will be excluded from My Next Episodes (MNE) if the TV Show’s status is either “Cancelled” or “Ended” and you have watched 100% of currently aired episodes. The purpose of the setting is to minimize the time it takes to show MNE due to each show in your history requiring a Trakt API call to get it’s MNE status. I expect at least some people will be caught off guard by this setting when X-Files comes back Jan 24th.

In order to re-include a TV Show in MNE that has been excluded in this fashion, find the TV Show in any other view in SALTS and use the context menu on the TV Show to select “Include in My Next Episodes.” This TV Show will then never be excluded from MNE checking again.

Note that other shows can of course trigger this same issue. For example, this happened to me tonight on Heroes Reborn. The show’s status has already been updated on trakt to be “Ended” so when I brought up MNE earlier tonight, before tonight’s episode aired I had watch 100% of aired episode and thus tonight’s episode never showed up in MNE.


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