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Here’s an add-on with some potential, it’s called DIAVOLETTO LISTS and it basically just an add-on with over 1,500 channels from all over the world. Covering off your basic channels as well as some premium such as NBC LIVE, SKY SPORTS, HBO, SHOWTIME, BT SPORTS, ESPN, BEIN and many more. Most seem to be working, however there are a few which appear to be down. With over 1,500 streams on offer it’s certainly worth checking out. You will need to download the DIAVOLETTO TV STREAMS zip file first. STEP 1 – CLICK SYSTEM diavoletto-TUT-0015 STEP 2 – CICK ADD-ONS diavoletto-TUT-0011 STEP 3 – CLICK INSTALL FROM ZIP diavoletto-TUT-0010 STEP 4 – LOCATE THE HOME FOLDER diavoletto-TUT-0004 STEP 5 – FIND THE FOLDER WHERE YOU SAVED THE ZIP FILE, IN THIS CASE IT WAS SAVED TO MY DESKTOP. diavoletto-TUT-0007 STEP 6 – SCROLL THROUGH AND LOCATE THE DIAVOLETTO ZIP (plugin.video.DiavolettoBeatsLists.zip) AND CLICK ENTER TO INSTALL. diavoletto-TUT-0000 STEP 7 – WAIT FOR NOTIFICATION diavoletto-TUT-0010 STEP 8 – EXIT OUT AND RETURN TO MAIN MENU STEP 9 – SCROLL TO VIDEOS AND CLICK ENTER diavoletto-TUT-0006 STEP 10 – CLICK VIDEO ADD-ONS diavoletto-TUT-0008 STEP 11 – SCROLL THROUGH AND LOCATE THE NEWLY INSTALLED DIAVOLETTO PLUGIN AND CLICK ENTER TO OPEN. diavoletto-TUT-0005 diavoletto-TUT-0012   diavoletto-TUT-0002 diavoletto-TUT-0009

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