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If you experiencing a few issues with buffering or are getting a message saying “cache full before reaching required amount” while you’re trying to enjoy a movie or TV show then there is a simple way to check to see if the stream that you’re watching is going to hold out or not.

Keep in mind that buffering and cache issues relate to a few things, your internet download speed, your bandwidth and the quality of the link that you’re using.

While the movie or TV show is playing simply press the “O” (letter) on the keyboard to bring up the stream statistics in the top left hand corner.

Look towards the bottom right, where is says “Cache” you should see some numbers there.

For re assurance that the stream will hold out without any buffering or cache issues you’re going to want to see these numbers increasing. When those numbers hover around the 0KB mark the stream will buffer.

If you have set your cache to 0 already then you should see these figures continue rising. Ideally you’re going to need the number to get over 10MB.

In most cases thought this will raise significantly higher, in to the hundreds and more depending on your internet download speed.

What this actually means is that the higher the number the more of the movie has been cached. So when your internet drops in speed for a few minutes or your connection drops the stream will still have plenty of content to play with while your internet comes back up.


If you have applied the 0 cache tweak then press pause after the stream has started, wait 5 or so minutes and then press play.

Check the cache by hitting O (letter) on the keyboard, you should see that the cache has built up over the time that you left it on pause. The longer you leave it the more it should build up.

If you notice that the numbers simply are not increasing then you should check your internet connection download speeds and if all is okay then simply try an alternative link. There are plenty out there!


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