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Genesis sorta not dead and a view into the post Genesis world – Real-Debrid possibly mandatory

s7eele, the admin from TVADDONS has issued a statement clarifying the current situation of Genesis and it’s future. The full statement is below however the use of real debrid servers is mentioned. It implies that the use of debrid may be mandatory to access HD/HQ content in the future. We’ve covered the use of Real-Debrid before, but whereas previously it was a nice option it will now become mandatory. The reasons stated go beyond Genesis and touch more on the loose infrastructure that the Kodi community as a whole relies upon. It looks as if the increasing popularity of Kodi is putting strain on the sources that most of the add-ons rely upon which will have severe ramifications in the future.

Here is s7eele’s statement

While lambda has still not decided whether ‘Genesis’ will continue or not he and the code have certainly not been idle. Regardless of the name the community will be enjoying his efforts in the not too distant future. When ‘it’ is released it will be significantly different from the ‘Genesis’ of the past. The major difference being that it will rely on debrid services for most HD content. With so many installations around the world this is the only way to deliver reliable HD content. If your not familiar with them, debrid services provide you with premium access to a multitude of file hosters or cyberlockers through one account or ‘portal’. We recently released an article on the subject in our blog:

These services will improve your experience with the last version of ‘Genesis’ (v5.1.4) and it will almost be a requirement for HD content in lambda’s current/future efforts. As the article linked above indicates, many of the other awesome add-ons here support debrid services also so it will improve your experience in those as well. We don’t have much more detail on ‘Genesis’ or lambda’s other efforts at the moment but we will provide it when it becomes available. This brings us into a very important topic.

We are aware of recent claims made across all social media claiming that ‘Genesis’ is dead or that a new version has been released. TVADDONS is the official home of ‘Genesis’ so official announcements will be made here on our forum. If it isn’t from lambda himself or TVADDONS staff it should be summarily ignored. As indicated above, lambda has not made a final decision but he hasn’t gone anywhere and he continues to develop amazing code. Look to this post for future updates on ‘Genesis’ and ignore any claims coming from other sources.


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