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Genesis possibly about to meet revelations – Development may cease.

The developer has recently announced that he is mulling over the possibility of suspending development for the popular Add-on, citing that the popularity add-on is making it difficult to keep it entirely function:


I am also thinking stoping Genesis development.
I can’t add anything to it anymore, they keep breaking everything because of the high traffic it sends.
It is installed by way too many people, and I can’t add anything to it anymore.
It keeps breaking all the time.
So it’s logical killing it and developing a new addon with a new addon id.
If the same happens with the new addon, do the same and the same. We’ll see

Although this does not necessarily confirm that Genesis will shut down development, it does the appear that the rising toxicity of the Kodi userbase is beginning to grate on his desire to continue development

This add-on has become way too popular and I have to take all the crap of this userbase.
This add-on has become something like a “protection” for other addon developers against this userbase lol
It doesn’t worth it anymore.

If Genesis does indeed end however there are other add-ons out there such as SALTS, What will your backup option be?



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