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Well guys, within the last few hours it has been announced that the major update of the add-on to top all add-ons Genesis has finally been released. Yes, that’s right, Genesis 5.0 is now available to installed/update on your KODI media streaming device.

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Over the past month or so there has been some lets say major issues with the add-on with users experiencing the dreaded “no streams found”. Now, I say “major” very loosely as Genesis has been one of the most if not the most reliable and go to add-ons for KODI users. So saying that the add-on had major issues maybe a little strong. Personally, I have not had an issue with Genesis other than the odd couple of links not loading. Easy win win here, try a different link.

Now, I am a massive fan of Genesis and it is my go to add-on every time. Whether that be for movies or tv shows Genesis seems to have me covered. So this new release is some what of a god send for most as it has apparently fixed the “no streams found” problem and all should be working flawlessly, as it was.

So what’s the actual change log for Genesis 5.0, what’s actually new?


Kodi Genesis 5.0.0 (28-Aug-15) Change Log

  • Complete add-on re-work
  • Updated sources and resolvers
  • Code cosmetics


If you already have GENESIS then the add-on may (should) auto update for you. However it’s best to check which version you’re running.

So in order to this, simply head over to your video add-ons, locate GENESIS and click the C button to show the context menu. Now click on add-on information where by you will then be shown the GENESIS version your box is running.


If for some reason your GENSIS has not updated an you find yourself not on 5.0 then you can either click the C button to show the context menu, click add-on information again, and then click update. If this is not available then you will need to force refresh of the repository. To do this, simple head over SYSTEM > ADD-ONS > GET ADD-ONS > LOCATE THE LAMBDA REPOSITORY > CLICK THE C BUTTON > FORCE REFRESH.

It is worth noting guys, that it has been reported that several IP providers have in fact blocked some media streaming sources, particularly particularly BT and SKY. Best way around this is to look into  adding a VPN service to protect your IP. Personally I am a big fan of PIA (Private Internet Access) as this works great on the Prometheus HTPC. You can find out more information out VPN’s and PIA here.

Big thanks to KODI TIPS for the heads up on the release.


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