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It's back to the Future Day!

Yes, that’s right. Today, October 21st 2015, is the day that Marty McFly really does go to the “future”.

So we all need to start dressing like this apparently.


No Thanks.

If you’re looking for something to watch tonight and don’t know what why not re watch the entire trilogy to mark the day? They hold up well and there’s a good reason they’re considered a cult classic. And if you’ve never seen them (seriously?) why not watch today. The films follow the adventures of time travelling duo of 80’s teenager Marty  Mcfly and eccentric inventor/scientist Emmett “Doc” Brown, as they travel throughout several time periods in the past (1885 and 1955), “present” (1985), and the then future  of 2015 (today). Part comedy, part adventure the first one was incredibly popular and actually held the record for highest grossing film of 1985 and remain Michael J Fox’s most iconic role. Interestingly enough, the concept of “Back to the future day” has been a recurring internet hoax of sorts, with various Photoshops changing the date on the time machine to be a different date over the years. Today it’s finally the legitimate date.


If you’re looking to watch the entire Trilogy (or just the second one with the famous date) you can find them all on a variety of addons in the Kodi Ecosystem such as Genesis or SALTs. Have fun keeping score of how many predictions they got wrong or right.


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