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Free Remote with Purchase of Nvidia Shield!

The Nvidia Shield, one of the best Kodi devices available, normally ships standard with just a Gamepad style controller, although a damn fine one. Those wanting the more standard TV remote had to pony up an extra $50 for it, which admittedly was a bit pricey for a remote.  However Nvidia and Amazon now both have a promotion bundling the remote with the appliance. Even better is that Amazon has the bundle for $25 less and qualifies for prime shipping. The deal with the remote is currently US only unfortuantely.

The Nvidia Shield remote is metal, the buttons are backlit, it has a built-in headphone jack and it recharges via a MicroUSB port. It’s one of the nicer TV style remote available for a set top device. However there is one very major issue: It currently doesn’t work very well with Kodi 🙁 The reason being is that’s there’s currently no way, without a large amount of fiddling, to map a keey to the C or context menu. This is a major limitation for any Kodi remote and greatly reduces it’s appeal for Kodi purposes.

The good news however is that this issue is apparently fixed in the Jarvis builds as it contains support for long press function per default. That said, the remote is currently free with this promotion so there’s no reason at all not to get it!


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