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FireStarter updated to v3.2: Now with one-click Kodi installs and updates!

One of the best companion apps for Fire TV and Sticks, FireStarter, has been updated to version 3.2 and contains a crucial feature: Support for one click installs and updates for Kodi. This will make it mcuh simpler and faster to keep your fire devices updated and to do any new installs. As a plus updating your Kodi with Firestarter will preserve all your current settings and databases.

FireStarter is an alternate launcher for Fire TV. It detects home button presses and displays an app drawer screen that with easy access to all sideloaded apps and optionally system apps, much like the more standard app drawer on Android phones/tablets. The home button when using FireStarter automatically displays the App Drawer to open sideloaded apps along with the option to display System Apps such as Prime Videos, Music, Photos, etc. The fact that Firestarter does not require you to root your device is a big plus for your average user.



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