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You may of seen last-night on Twitter that we reached out at a idea we had on bring a very popular movie website to Kodi.

And the first Kodi dev to respond was the legendary MetalKettle.

Together we spoke to the guy’s over at FilmDictator and asked if it was ok to port it over to Kodi….and of course it was a yes.

The response form the community was quiet staggering, we didn’t know how may Kodi users use the online Filmdictator site to watch their movies, but it turns out that it’s a very popular choice with people.

If your not familiar with Filmdictator , you better get familiar with it real soon as it’s coming to Kodi.

Pack full of ONLY HD content, Filmdictator is one of the best online streaming services. The online website allows users to watch on any smart device and of course your home PC. This is why it’s so popular worldwide.

So the new Filmdictator Kodi add-on has the same layout as most other add-ons in the category section.

With it’s huge collection of HD movies, there is something for everyone.

Not sure what movie to watch? Use the Play Trailer feature 😉

We love Kodi add-ons that give HD content, but as we know, a lot of the community don’t all have great internet speeds to cope with streaming the HD content.

So we would only suggest you using Filmdictator is your internet speeds are fast and stable.


So the awesome news is that you will be able to rock Filmdictator later TODAY!

Installation of Filmdictator on your kodi device will be via the MetalKettle Repository.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Filmdictator for allowing their content to be ported to Kodi and a massive thank you to the legend MetalKettle for taking Filmdictator under his wing and yet producing another outstanding Kodi add-on.


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