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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4: Recap & Discussion


Like a phoenix, Daniel rises from the ashes of the Abigail estate and limps his way to a nearby city, where he’s saved by a stranger named Efrain, who promises Daniel water if he comes with him. They arrive at a “miracle” fountain, which they use to deliver water to survivors nearby. A militarized patrol passes by and Daniel passes out, crippled by pain. He wakes up later to Efrain and the survivors cutting off the dead skin from his leg (OUCH).


Once they’re settled in a shanty, Daniel expresses his gratitude, gives Efrain a haircut, and reveals his dark past of his counter-insurgency war days. He laments the fact he’s unsure if he accidentally burned Ofelia in the estate fire, but Efrain comforts him. Daniel heads outside and is attacked by the infected. He prays for God to strike one down and miraculously, it works.


The next day Daniel’s picked up by survivors and taken to the dam. Lola introduces him as the new janitor to the head of security J.C. He’s skeptical of Daniel’s arrival but allows her to employ him to clear out bodies from the dam. He does and later is confronted for insubordination by JC, who sticks his finger in Daniel’s food. Daniel stabs him with his fork, JC draws his gun, and Dante arrives to cool things off. He recognizes Daniel by the tattoo under his lip and warns JC not to pick a fight with a “hard boiled killer.”


Dante explains to Daniel his plan for exploiting his water resource to the needy but reveals he has rats in his ranks that he needs to eradicate. He asks Daniel to help in exchange for whatever he wants, which is a Jeep to locate Ofelia. Dante counters by saying there’s nothing for him outside the dam but offers him a proper home if he helps him.


Daniel and the soldiers search Tijuana for a thief that Daniel realizes is Efrain. They come up empty until Daniel finds Efrain’s home and sells him out. Later, he explains to Lola if he hadn’t sold him out they would have discovered the fountain and the people who rely on it would be screwed. She then reveals it was her running the fountain water to Efrain and she scolds him for his actions and leaves.


Later, Daniel witnesses Strand getting brought in to the dam and brings him water when he’s in a cell. Strand’s in disbelief but assures him he, Ofelia, and the rest fled the compound safely. Strand pleads with him to break him out so they can find Ofelia, but Daniel doesn’t buy it. He tells Strand Ofelia’s dead, he’s dead, and so is Strand.

Daniel visits Dante, who’s torturing Efrain. Daniel explains to Efrain his options are to die or die faster, but whatever he does he shouldn’t talk. Trying not to screw over the survivors who receive water from him, Daniel puts on a show by punching Efrain and tells Dante he won’t speak. Daniel grabs a hammer and cocks back to kill him, but Lola stops him.


Later, Dante lines up Efrain, Strand, Lola, and a few other ‘criminals’ to push them off the dam. Daniel gives the first man up to Dante, who chucks him off the ledge. Daniel then grabs Lola and instead of tossing her off, kills JC, a guard, and finally Dante. He gets on a knee and asks Lola for forgiveness.


What did you think of this all-Daniel episode? Will he help Strand or leave him there to rot? Tell us in the comments!


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