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EXCLUSIVE Interview With XBMC & Kodi Dev Jas0npc

Here at DreamState, we are always coming up with awesome ideas for the community and one of these idea’s was to pick the brains of some of the top Kodi / XBMC dev’s that are giving you all this great content that you run on your device.

So what better way of getting inside the minds of these dev’s then a Interview?

Let’s be honest, many users don’t actually know what goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to create some of these outstanding add-on’s we use on a daily basis. Sometimes I think people take it for granted. Most dev’s (if not all) , have daily jobs, a family and other commitments, yet they still give us a lot amazing add-ons to use…..how do they find time? all these questions along with others will get answered from them direct all in their own words.

We will be delivering exclusive interviews with all the top Kodi / XBMC weekly, we are very excited to be bring this to you.

Who’s up first then?

None other than one of the nicest and truthful guy’s out there… Jas0npc


Im a father of four Great boys, (You may have seen me tweet recently about my eldest son doing a charity event for cancer), I LOVE anything tecky, Enjoy watching F1 too.

What addons and repos, thats a great question, so many great repos out there, then so many great add ons in those repos, because I’m always reinstalling I don’t tend to stick to any couple, but I always reinstall Mk’s (Mettle Kettle), Xunity (Motor replays is in there), Lamdas’ and Tknorris are a few of them. One thing i can tell you is I don’t have my repo installed, or use any of my addons, (I wonder if other devs do that)..

Playlists are amazing, I really enjoy using/looking at all the playlists, I count myself very lucky that I got to know a number of playlisters really well. I thank all playlist creators for their time, If only people realised how much time it takes to keep these updated.

There are two replies to this, the first, when i brought my son an original xbox(black one), I was trying out homebrew applications and when I tried that I was blew away, outstanding, back then, It didn’t have plugins like now you had to put the media on to dvds/ hard drive etc.

Then we grew apart, one day I was talking to my brother and he mentioned icefilms and 1channel, so came back googled and found XBMC.

It was after trying icefilms, I thought to myself, Im going to create for this, searched on google, found Voinages original guide and found what was then Xbmchub, Never looked back.

The people that use it, I have been lucky to get to know GREAT people all because of a bit of software, I find it really amazing, Humbling.

Another great question, at the moment, I have a T8, M8, Mk802iv (Hdmi stick), Raspberrypi’s. I really like the T8, I am going to get one of the Amiko A3’s…

Not an easy question to answer, Icefilms, Primewire, Genesis & istream, phoenix.

Its the people, I’m all about the people, I really enjoy talking and helping them, they have no idea how much a simple thank you gives me motivation. Without the interaction it would not be as much fun, Its important because if we help each other out, those that we help, helps others, everyone wins.

The mutts Nuts, Why was it called that? It was a suggestion from someone as a joke, I thought why not, All these people that makes video for people are going to have to say it, lets have a bit of fun with it, I have watched lots of video’s that people have made, brings a smile to me when they say Mutts nuts for the first time, some giggle, some don’t, I’m not sure that some know what Mutts Nuts stand for :), but all the people that have given their time to do a video in the first place, thank you.

I personally think it will become more mainstream, so devs need to start thinking now How to take it further, Make it easier for new users, Move away from the standard xbmc gui, We need to get the ease of use that Android and Ios apps give, I call it the netflix ui, Its simple and easy, I used this idea to help me with tvreleaseNG, It’s all about the new users, Lets make it easy for them.

I could go on and on, will I be apart of it? I can’t leave, I tried to leave before, to many people had my email address and phone number, those that didn’t asked those that did to pass on messages, they didn’t stop coming. I have to say Thanks to those that didn’t give up on me,

I can’t thank you all enough. As long as you enjoy Xbmc/Kodi there will be people like me, here to help you, for Free.

My thanks go to all that have helped me and others, too many people to name, So it’s the people that do videos, If you haven’t seen any byJoeNobody010101, please search him out, people that give their time in creating playlists, helping on twitter, running forums.

Me, im just a guy… Laterz

Well there you have it folks, what a interesting insight into one of the top dev’s in the community. You can clearly see Jason’s passion, drive and motivation on why he does what he does.

We would like to thank you Jason for the time you set aside for this Interview and wish you all the best in the near future on Kodi. We hope Mutts Nuts and any other projects you start will be every success. We certainly will be keeping a close eye on you 🙂 If you’re on Twitter, then we highly suggest you give this guy a follow . Link Below


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