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Hope you guy’s are enjopying our Kodi Add-on dev interviews. This week we’ve got a big player in the iStream playlist world.
He has a huge following on Twitter and a huge following in the Kodi community and very right so.

The guy we are interviewing this week, is none other than oWESTYo


I’m a mid 30’s male from the UK. Im crazy about the NFL (New England Patriots) and due to the availability that’s now on KODI I’m getting more into US sports every year. I have a playlist on istream community lists.

In 2013 I was at work and was discussing out loud that I was puzzled on how I can watch US sports after going over there on holiday the previous summer. A guy in work suggested loosely that he heard a raspberry pi could stream TV so I went online and picked one up and asked my brother who is far more tech savvy than I am if he could help me when I get it. While I was tracking my order I popped on a forum that was discussing it and was devastated to find a conversation suggesting it was a pipe dream to stream live TV on a pi. When the pi was delivered I tucked it away in my draw. There my raspberry pi sat for weeks in the draw until one night I got bored and decided to take a look on YouTube. There I saw someone talking about setting up a pi. I thought about giving it a quick shot and before I knew it I had XBMC on it. Fast forward a few months and I started chatting to a guy called rasp pi helper now @Raspxbmc. I quickly sussed this was a sharp fella and he started teaching me how to list movies/TV and eventually the pain in the ass that is live TV. (not the easiest to do)

A few times he asked if I would join an XBMC community but I declined the first few times because of the sense of intimidation I may feel. when I eventually joined and saw the names in that community it was crazy @Mikey1234_XBMC @Coolwave_Kodi @jas0npc @[email protected] @xbmconnect @veedubt25 to name just a few. After speaking to the group for just a few minutes I realised how helpful, welcoming and down to earth these guys were. The only rule was passing on your knowledge responsibly and help others. That’s what I have tried to do.

It would be community effort that SOME people go to in making a list or add-on for free and to get no reward in return.

I use a raspberry pi (still my fail safe), M8, laptop but my favorite has been the T8 up to now.


Offside streams

Ice films

And the two new ones that show amazing promise are the Mutt’s nuts from @jas0npc @Mikey1234_XBMC

My playlist is always on the move. Not as fast as others granted but its always changing.

The word community is a bit of a falsehood for me due to some egotistical players that feel without them the thing will fall apart. In fact they could be the death of it but that’s for another discussion.

There are small pockets of guys that operate under a no profit or little profit. These guys are the true guys that keep things going. They help for no reward which some users do abuse but that’s human nature I suppose.

I feel community is not the best word to describe it because there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing out there aka greedy Leechers.

I do think that XBMC has a bumpy road ahead. There are guys out there that pretend to have morals however they just have agendas and will quickly turn on those so called morals when a £$€ is included in the conversation. I trust just a handful out there and others should do the same in my opinion.

The user can be quite ignorant to this if they get theHD stream they want for nothing but in the long run this thing will fall back on them if XBMC fails due lack of trust amongst devs or lister’s.

Well there you have it folks, what a interesting insight into one of the top iStream Playlist dev’s in the community. You can clearly see oWESTYo’s passion and also concerns on where we are heading into the future.

We would like to thank you oWESTYo for the time you set aside for this Interview and wish you all the best in the near future on Kodi. We hope your playlist and any other projects you start will be a continued success. We certainly will be keeping a close eye on you 🙂 If your on Twitter, then we highly suggest you give this guy.

Link below.


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