This week we are delighted to have another awesome iStream Playlister. This guy want’s to bring great feeds to your device in the way of quanity and quality.

He’s current playlist is one for the sports fans, we’ve been hearing great things in the community about him and where he wants to go.

Please welcome top iStream playlister njm2007


My name is Nick, i am an avid Wolves fan and a full on Geek !

I currently run the playlist NJMSOCCER, i try stream as many sports channels from around the world as possible. I also try to cover as many live games as possible.

My ultimate aim is to get my own addon/repo (if anyone wants to volunteer !)

I am incredibly interested in anything geek or technical.

I had a friend that was messing about with PLEX and it intrigued me and as they say, the rest is history !

Im currently dividing my time between 7 different devices !

A few android boxes (TRMK1, Minix X7) ATV2, VIDON.ME, Amazon Fire, PI, PI2, and currently waiting for the Amazon Fire stick !

The PI2 is excellent but my go to gadget is still the Amazon Fire TV

Genesis, Istream (for my playlist), NBC Sports Extra, release Hub, Bin@aural

Im currently looking at tidying up my NJMSOCCER playlist and i patiently wait for someone to design an addon for me !

I think the big end game for Kodi would be to replace peoples everyday entertainment systems. I intend to be part of it for as long as you will have me !

Well there you have it folks, what a interesting insight into one of the top iStream in the community. You can clearly see Nick’s [njm2007] passion, drive and motivation to get his own add-on….you never know, you might see him on the Prometheus set-up one day.
We would like to thank you Nick for the time you set aside for this Interview and wish you all the best in the near future on Kodi. We certainly will be keeping a close eye on you 🙂
If your on Twitter, then we highly suggest you give this guy a follow.


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